Pintoy Wooden Toy Chest

| April 15, 2012

We love this Pintoy Wooden Toy Chest.

It’s the best you can buy if you’re looking for a safe, solid, stylish wooden toy chest that will suit any room in your house.

This wooden toy chesthas been designed to last the test of time, from babyhood to beyond.

You will have years and years of use from this solid wood toy chest.

It is so solid and sturdy in construction that this toy chest can even be used as a seat, once your child is tall enough.

This toy chest is generously large, measuring approximately 64 cm in length, 37 cm in height and 40 cm in depth.

You can easily store toys, puzzles, rattles, blankets and more in this chest.

The Pintoy Wooden Toy Chestis fitted with carry handles so you can pick up and move the box with ease.

There are safety closing hinges on the chest lid.

The Pintoy Wooden Toy Chesthas been designed with safety in mind so that little fingers can’t be trapped when your baby gets to the age when they will enjoy hours of opening and closing the chest lid, and putting their toys in and out of the chest.

Our baby loves discovering toys we have placed in this wooden toy chest, and hiding Mummy’s mobile phone!

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  1. these look very handy