Merry Christmas!

| December 24, 2012

I can’t believe how quickly Christmas has come around this year. Have you noticed time fly?

Imogen’s so excited about Christmas and has been an angel at leaving the presents wrapped under the Christmas tree. Though her inquisitive nature has led to present shaking and I’ve become aware of little pieces of torn wrapping paper scattered around our apartment, I simply love her curiosity!

On Sunday Imogen and I set off for New Zealand to see my family. It’s an adventure and journey I’m incredibly excited about and yet rather unprepared for as it’s just Imogen and I travelling.

Hubby couldn’t take time off work so we’ll be apart for 8 weeks which is a huge amount of time but one in which Imogen will be spending with her doting grandparents and wider family.

Aside from regular skyping, my parents haven’t seen Imogen in almost a year. Babies grow up fast and my parents love Imogen immensely. They’re counting down the hours to seeing her.

My sister will be meeting Imogen for the first time and we’ll be meeting her baby, Amber. Everyday Imogen says ‘baby Amber’ and tells me she wants to eat, play, bath and walk with her. Imogen’s the youngest in our NCT group so it’ll be amazing to see her with her baby cousin.

There’s nothing like family and I can’t wait to see mine.

Enjoy the festive season with your family. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

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