Little People

| November 3, 2013

Imogen received a parcel last week from her Gran in New Zealand. These parcels are wonderful and we find all sorts of treasures inside including stickers, books and clothing. This parcel contained some adorable little people with adhesive cut outs of different coloured hair, clothing, shoes and accessories.

ordinary moments

It was lovely to watch Imogen play and be so absorbed in what she was creating.

ordinary moments

A lot of thought and time was spent choosing outfits for these little people!


Linking up with the lovely Mummy Daddy Me and sharing the ordinary moments.

the ordinary moments

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  1. Carie says:

    Oh what a wonderful concentrating expression – those dollies have been dressed with such care! It must be so exciting to receive a parcel from far away, I always remember loving getting post as a little girl!

  2. Oh those little people are lovely, and she looks like she is really enjoying them. I always loved receiving packages and post, in fact I still do. I bet she looks forward to them from her gran.

    • Lydia says:

      She loves getting parcels from relatives around the world. I don’t know what we’d do without Skype having the grandparents in NZ!

  3. Notmyyearoff says:

    Aww she looks so fascinated with her little people. Gran in New Zealand sent some good stuff. So cute when they lie down on their front like that doing things

  4. That is so sweet and lovely to see. I bet she loves those parcels, and I’m sure her gran puts lots of love and thought into them x

  5. V cute pictures! My 3yr old loves playing with these kinds of games too! #What’sTheStory

  6. Coombemill says:

    Gran in New Zealand is clearly on her wavelength! Lovely photos. Popping over from What’s the Story & Magic Moments

  7. Jaime Oliver says:

    What a really wonderful parcel to receive!! I am also loving those people and clothes what a brilliant activity 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  8. Charlotte says:

    I loved these when I was younger! Lovely photos! x

  9. Charly Dove says:

    Just love the look on Imogen’s face, she’s concentrating so hard bless her! How wonderful to be sent all these things. It’s great seeing them get stuck in too isn’t it. Gorgeous photos too. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  10. Colette says:

    She must be so excited to get her parcels! The little foam people look fantastic!

  11. She must love those parcels! I love the concentration and thought you can see in her face in the photos, she was having fun! #WhatstheStory #MagicMoments

  12. Jo Laybourn says:

    Imogen looks adorable and I love her hair! She looks likes she is having such fun with those dolls. How exciting when the little ones get parcels. Popping by via #MagicMoments

  13. What a lovely way of staying in touch. Remember similar paper dolls from my childhood!

  14. Those paper dolls look like a hit! And how adorable is your LO? People would pay for her hair! So beautiful #magicmoments x