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Merry Christmas!

| December 25, 2011

Finally, it’s Christmas day!

All the build up to Christmas has come to a head. It’s our baby’s first Christmas, so today is an extra special day for us as a family.

I’m amazed at her innate knowledge of what presents are, even at this young age!

Giving her a wrapped present, her eyes light up with glee and she endeavours to rip into the paper to find out what lies within.

Wishing you all a wonderful and magical Christmas day…

Santa’s Grotto

| December 21, 2011

It’s almost Christmas and there’s nothing more magical than bringing alive childhood memories of Santa with your own children.

We visited Santa’s Grotto at the Docklands Museum in London and it was truly wonderful!

You’ll be certain to feel the Christmas spirit after a visit to Santa and your children will love it.

Are You A Baby Whisperer?

| December 19, 2011

I recommend you read the insightful book The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problemsby Tracy Hogg before you have your baby and refer back to it when necessary once you’ve had your baby.

There’s so much useful information in this book that I use it when I need guidance with a particular issue, or just to check if I’m doing things right.

It focuses on sleep, feeding, the behaviour of your baby and everything in between. Even my husband has turned to this book for advice several times, now that’s saying something!

I diligently made a list of ‘how to parent’ books I wanted to read before I had my baby. But I’d forgotten, things never go according to plan!

In the month before our baby was due we decided we had to have our bathroom renovated. Time slipped through my fingers as I sourced tiles, tap fittings and a new showerhead.

No problem I thought, I’ll have plenty of time when my baby’s born and she’s sleeping peacefully in her Moses Basket whilst I relax on the sofa next to her. Ha!

In the early days my baby didn’t like to sleep too much in the hours of daylight. And when she did sleep, it was mandatory she was swaddled and held (thank you Moby Wrap for helping with this).

So in those rare moments of slumber during the day, they certainly didn’t allow me much time to hold a book!