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Best Baby Toothbrush

| January 30, 2012

I started weaning my baby onto solids at around 6 months. At that stage she still didn’t have any teeth, but they soon started to show under the gums and all the key signs of teething began – dribbling, chewing on everything, putting her fingers in her mouth and sleepless nights due to teething pains.

My baby’s bottom left tooth was the first to break through the gums, followed a few days later by the bottom right tooth. They looked so adorable and her smile changed, instantly looking less like a baby.

With the introduction of solids and teeth it was time to find the best baby toothbrush!

The Baby Ono – Safe Silicone Finger Toothbrushis safe and easy to use. It’s made of soft 100% food grade silicone and fits on your finger. You can add a little Baby Toothpaste to the bristles and very gently massage it over your baby’s teeth and gums.

I found my baby enjoyed chewing on the toothbrush with my finger in it, which proved a great way to clean her teeth and gums. It’s very soft so it won’t hurt your baby’s gums and can be used to massage the gums during teething to help ease discomfort.

The Brush-Baby Chewable Toothbrushis made of 100% safe silicone and is BPA free. Suitable from 0 months old to 3 years, it fits accurately in baby’s mouth to provide the right amount of cleansing of the teeth and gums. As well as helping to clean teeth and massage gums, the Brush-Baby toothbrush can also be used to soothe teething gums when chewed.

I use Green People Organic Baby Toothpaste which my baby loves the taste of and it’s 100% safe if swallowed. It’s natural, organic and without fluoride so you can be sure there are no nasties in it. It’s recommended by midwives and suitable for babies and children.

Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor

| January 14, 2012

Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor

If you’re looking for the Best Baby Video Monitor it’s the Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor. This is one of the best buys we have made as parents for our peace of mind and the safety of our baby.

The Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor enables us to see and hear our baby at any stage during the day or night when our baby is in her cot.

This monitor is portable so you can use it in different rooms around the house, depending on where baby is sleeping and it can easily be taken on holiday. We recently went on holiday to Brittany in France and took this monitor with us. The Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor comes with a changeable European adaptor plug and it worked perfectly in Europe.

There’s an extra large 9 cm (3.5 inch) colour display with black and white night vision so your baby can be in an absolutely dark room and you’ll still be able to see your baby on the monitor.

The Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor has an easy to use touch screen display with menu controls that enable you to adjust the direction of the monitor’s camera so you can angle it to see your baby in different positions, without going into your baby’s room. We’ve found this really useful as our baby’s just started to wriggle around and turn over onto her side!

You can also zoom in to see your baby closer up, simply by using the touch screen on the parent unit. The Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor is a small, sleek and stylish monitor with a lightweight design.

It has a docking station for easy charging, the temperature in your baby’s room is displayed on the screen and a one-touch power saver video on / off button with a docking station for easy charging.

The Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor can be used without the video screen as it displays LED sound lights (green, orange and red) to alert you to noises from your baby, with the option of just viewing the lights or seeing the lights and having the sound on so you can hear your baby at the same time.

You won’t go wrong with the Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor it really is the best baby monitor you can buy, giving you the ability to watch over your baby when you’re in another room. And I get to sleep peacefully each night knowing I can hear and see my baby at anytime without disturbing her precious slumber.

The Best Newborn Car Seat

| December 28, 2011

When looking for a car seat for your newborn baby you want to make sure it is safe, easy to use and adaptable should you wish to incorporate it as a travel system.

After much research I felt satisfied that our decision to purchase the Britax Baby-Safe Plus SHR II Infant Carrierwith the Britax BabySafe ISOFIX Basewas the right one. This is a safe, robust and flexible car seat.

This Group 0+ best newborn car seat is suitable from birth to approximately 12 months (birth to 13 kg).

The Britax Baby-Safe Plus SHR II Infant Carrieris just as easy to use with a 3-point seatbelt (which came in handy for taxi rides) or with the Britax Baby-Safe ISOFIX Base which we leave fixed in our car for ease of quickly fixing the car seat in and out.

The Britax Baby-Safe Plus SHR II Infant Carrierhas integrated adaptors which can be used to attach it onto the Britax B-Smart 3 Pushchairor the Britax B-Smart 4 Pushchairwhich is suitable from birth. The click and go system provides an easy release button, making this a very versatile travel system.

Features of the Britax Baby-Safe Plus SHR II Infant Carrier

  • D-SIP® technology – giving Superior Side Impact Protection
  • Single handed release mechanism – for easy release from pushchairs
  • Aircraft Approved – TUV Certified for air travel
  • 5-point safety harness – with one pull adjustment
  • Integral recline system – for a flatter position for your baby to lie
  • Deep softly padded side wings – for baby’s safety and comfort
  • Height adjustable headrest and harness – with easy single handed adjustment from the front, prevents re-thread errors
  • Suitable for use with most BRITAX pushchairs – that include the CLICK & GO® feature
  • Integrated adaptors – allowing attachment to most BRITAX pushchairs with the CLICK & GO® feature
  • Soft touch area on the handle – for comfortable carrying
  • 3 position carry handle – with single handed adjustment
  • Softly padded and washable quick-remove cover – that can be replaced without interfering with the harness
  • Curved base – for rocking or feeding
  • Chest pads – for the child’s comfort
  • Installation rearward facing with the vehicles 3-point seat belt or with BABY-SAFE Belted Base or BABY-SAFE ISOFIX Base

The Britax Babysafe Plus SHR II Infant Carrier won the Mother & Baby Best Buy Award 2011. You can find out more about the Britax Baby-Safe Plus SHR II car seat at Britax Baby-Safe Plus SHR II.

At 13 months old Imogen was beginning to outgrow the Britax Baby-Safe Plus SHR II car seat so we bought the best Group 1 car seat the Britax Safefix Plus ISOFIX Car Seat.