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Bibetta Ultrabib

| July 15, 2013

I first wrote about Bibetta Bibs when Imogen was almost 12 months old and weaning was in full swing. Fast forward a year and I have a toddler who can eat soup without any spills. But there are still occasions when a bib is one of the best inventions known to parents, especially when it’s a Bibetta Ultrabib.

We’ve had Imogen’s Bibetta Ultrabib for over a year and it’s in incredible shape. You wouldn’t know its age and that it’s been washed in the washing machine approximately 156 times (it comes out stain free every time). Not bad for an investment of around £5.

Imogen eating an ice cream and wearing her Bibetta Ultrabib.

bibetta ultrabib

Last week I bought a new Bibetta Ultrabib for when Imogen’s original bib is in the wash. Bibetta Bibs have won many awards. You can buy them in a selection of colours and sizes (plus choose an Ultrabib with or without sleeves) from Kiddicare.

bibetta bib

bibetta ultrabib

Bibetta Bibs the Best Baby Bibs

| March 1, 2012

I’ve spent a lot of time and money on bibs for my baby. There are so many to choose from in different designs, colours and materials. Finally I discovered Bibetta Ultrabibs which are truly the best baby bibs and I’ve never looked back.

Bibetta Ultrabibs are made from neoprene (the same durable material wetsuits are made from) and are waterproof, absorbent, flexible, stain-resistant and wipe clean.

They’re quick-drying and safe to put in the washing machine and tumble drier plus the material is so soft it doesn’t rub on your baby’s delicate neck area.

Bibetta Ultrabibs feature a unique reversible pocket which gives a catch-all bib option, perfect for weaning you baby.

They come in sizes from 4 months to 4 years so your baby can really make the most of their fun mealtime experiences.