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Baby Colds and Flu

| November 8, 2012

Calpol Vapour Plug & Nightlight

It’s that time of year when colds and flu are rife.

The majority of my Mum friends and their babies have suffered at least one cold this autumn.

Husband and I have been battling cold and flu symptoms for over two weeks with sinusitis, sore throats, headaches, chesty coughs and feeling drained of all energy.

Husband’s cough is so bad he’s been relegated to the sofa for the past few nights. I’m thinking husband could even have the dreaded ‘man flu’ which is why his cough is so loud even our neighbours can hear it.

Inevitably baby girl has now developed symptoms and has a chesty cough, runny nose and fever.

When there are symptoms of baby colds and flu I check my baby’s temperature with the Braun ThermoScan 5 IRT4520 Ear Thermometerwhich I’ve written about here because it’s such a quick, accurate and comfortable thermometer to use on babies and the entire family.

I was up all night on Tuesday because baby’s cough and inability to breathe through a snotty nose was keeping her awake.

Yesterday I ventured out to Boots the chemist to stock up on various potions and lotions to help baby’s symptoms. It’s important she gets a good night’s sleep to help her body fight the infection and husband and I are in desperate need of sleep too.

I had to go to two different Boots as the first one had completely run out of the baby colds and flu products I wanted. I came home armed with an arsenal of treatments to help her breathe better and Calpol to bring down her temperature.

After her bath I rubbed some Boots Mild Vapour Rub 3 Months Plus onto her chest and back to help her breathing. I gently wiped her nose and sprayed one spray of Calpol Soothe and Care Saline Nasal Spray into each nostril. She was surprisingly good about this, there was no fighting and no tears afterwards. Calpol Soothe and Care Saline Nasal Spray is suitable from birth.

Last night I used the Calpol Vapour Plug and Nightlight in her nursery which provides 8 hours of soothing oils slowly vaporised into the room to help with breathing and to provide an air of comfort and calm with added lavender and chamomile. I stocked up on Calpol Vapour Plug Refills so I can use these each night as needed. The Calpol Vapour Plug and Refills are suitable for babies from 3 months of age.

I placed 10 drops of Olbas Inhalant Decongestant Oil for Children, suitable for babies over 3 months, onto a muslin cloth on top of baby girl’s dresser and I put several drops into a cup of hot water and left it on the bookshelf in her room. It let out a lovely smell and transformed her nursery from being cold infested and stuffy to one which smelt of Eucalyptus, Cloves and Mint.

The result? She slept through the night last night, hurrah! I think the combination of the natural decongestants and lavender really helped to soothe my baby and allowed her to breathe more easily.

What a miracle for husband and I. It really is the simple things like a good night’s sleep that count when you’re a parent!

Here are some tips for adults wanting to treat colds and flu the natural way.
What do you use to treat your baby’s colds?