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Autumn Walk in the Park

| November 2, 2013

Imogen loves walking to our local park with Charley Bear in the little buggy. There were plenty of autumn leaves to run through, so many you could barely see the ground.


Imogen had great fun playing in the leaves, jumping and crunching them under her feet.


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The Ordinary Moments

| October 27, 2013

It’s the simple things in life that we love most and the ordinary moments that make this life what it is. I love to capture my fast growing two year old. She is beautiful and cute and cheeky. She loves to talk, sing and dance. This morning she was role playing. She was sat at the train station, waiting for the train to London. Sharing a cup of tea with her best friends Charley and Peter as they waited for the train in the sunshine.

ordinary moments

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the ordinary moments

Toddler Time at Picturehouse Cinema

| October 21, 2013

This week Imogen and I went to our local Picturehouse Cinema for Imogen’s first ever cinema experience (aside from the Big Scream which she went to twice with me when she was under the age of one). We went to see Rastamouse which was playing at Toddler Time. It’s a 30 minute session for toddlers and their parents or carers. I think it’s a lovely way to introduce toddlers to the big screen.

Charley, Peter and Kitty were chosen by Imogen to come to the cinema with us as she thought they’d like Rastamouse (perhaps Kitty more than the others).

toddler time

There’s plenty of music, dance and singing in Rastamouse which immediately meant Imogen was a huge fan. She didn’t sit down once, choosing to stand and then dance whenever the music played.

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