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The Photo Gallery: Walks

| March 27, 2013

We adore walking and exploring the outdoors. Hubby and I have spent our 10 years together walking everywhere we can. We’ve been lucky enough to explore France, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, England and Switzerland.

We had grand plans to continue walking and discovering the countryside when our baby arrived in 2011. We continued to get out and about and when she was a baby and we explored countryside lanes and forests with her strapped to one of us in the baby carrier.

When Imogen and I were in New Zealand at the beginning of this year we were absolutely spoilt for choice with beautiful walks in the bush at Kaitoke Regional Park, through Wellington’s Botanical Garden and along the Kapiti Coast.

Walking in the Suffolk countryside with Imogen in her baby carrier.


Exploring the coastal path along the town of Orford in Suffolk.


Some of our favourite walks are along the coast in Brittany.


In our local park in London.


Beach Fun at Kapiti Coast

| February 18, 2013

The sun shone and the tide was high when we went to the beautiful Kapiti Coast for a day of running on the beach and jumping in the sea. Imogen loved it and ran freely into the ocean, so fast that we had to be quick to scoop her up as the waves splashed over her chest.

I’m writing this with sadness as I think about leaving my parents, sister and family in beautiful New Zealand. We make our return to London in 10 days time. The last seven weeks have literally flown by. My parents have loved every second with their grand-daughter and it’s going to be so hard living half a world away, the bond they have formed is immense.

Kapiti Coast New Zealand

As well as Kapiti’s stunning coastline the region is also famous for amazing ice cream and this is where Imogen tried her first ice cream cone.

Kapiti Coast New Zealand

Kapiti Island Nature Reserve lies in the background where you can visit little spotted kiwi which are now extinct on mainland New Zealand. It’s an amazing nature reserve which is doing a great deal for bird recovery, especially since rats were eradicated from the island.

Kapiti Coast New Zealand