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Our Cats Louis and Mia

| October 25, 2013

I simply cannot live without pets. I adore animals, especially cats. My entire life I have grown up with cats and dogs. And whilst I love dogs, our life in central London just won’t accommodate one. Don’t tell hubby, I’m waiting until we move to the country…

Our cats Louis and Mia were rescued by Celia Hammond’s Animal Trust when they were kittens after being dumped in a cardboard box. I’ve written about them here and with my earlier cats Molly and Coco. Despite Louis being larger than Mia I still sometimes get them mixed up, they’re so alike. These photos show the similarities in their mannerisms, both are absolutely divine and ever so smoochy!

Louis the boy enjoying some sunshine.

mia and louis

Mia the girl likes to have the bed to herself.

louis and mia

Louis watching reflections on the wall.

only best for baby

Mia pondering whether to get off the bed (or not).

best for baby

This week I loved reading Charlotte’s lovely post about their new family pet Finding Our New Addition on her blog The Crumby Mummy.

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Louis and Mia

| October 31, 2012

Louis and Mia are our beloved short haired black rescue cats from East London.

We re-homed them four years ago when they were around 18 weeks old from the Celia Hammond Animal Trust. They’d been left on the street in a cardboard box and were extremely timid and anxious.

With lots of time, patience and love they are now happy and boisterous cats who adore their food, cuddles and playing with toys. They’re simply adorable and Imogen loves playing with them. She calls them ‘Mi Mi’ and ‘Lou Lou’.