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The Best Moses Basket

| March 13, 2012

A moses basket provides a safe and snug place for your newborn to sleep.

Moses baskets are perfect for newborns and your baby will be able to sleep in it until they’re around 6 months old.

The benefit of a Moses Basket is you can carry it around the house using the attached handles, so baby is always close to you.

I found this wonderful for my newborn, being able to transport her around the house meant I could get on with things whilst my baby slept peacefully.

The Emile et Rose Moses Basket is the best moses basket with strong leather straps so you can safely and easily transport your baby around the house with you. It has a classic and traditional white design and is finished with an adjustable hood, clipping fabric and lace trim. It comes complete with covers made of soft cotton. The coverlet has an embroidered rabbit design.

Another great option for a Moses Basket if you’re looking for something a little less expensive is the John Lewis Waffle Moses Basket. Priced at only £35 it’s the best moses basket you can buy for the quality and price. You can purchase this with the John Lewis Moses Basket Stand which fold away flat for easy storage.

Emile et Rose Baby Clothes

| March 8, 2012

Emile et Rose Baby Clothes

Everyone adores Emile et Rose baby clothes.

The quality is outstanding and they make the most beautiful outfits for babies.

Emile et Rose baby clothes are beautiful for weddings, family occasions and first birthdays.

I can’t wait to see my baby in the new summer range!

Grandparents and godparents can find the perfect gift for baby from the Emile et Rose baby clothes range.

Emile et Rose sizes range from newborn to 12 months.

The Best Organic Skin Care

| March 4, 2012

With my new baby cradled in my arms and pressed closely against my bosom, the last thing I wanted to do was to transfer chemical-laden creams, potions and lotions onto her delicate skin.

I decided I had to go completely chemical-free and discover the joys of natural and organic skin care. I feel ethereal for making a choice that benefits myself, my baby and the environment. Green People products are not tested on animals. These really are the best organic skin care products.

Green People make everything you could wish for, at a fraction of the cost of many other skincare brands. I highly recommend these natural skin care products which I use as part of my daily beauty regime.