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Grobag Baby Sleep Bag Review

| April 4, 2013

Last week we were sent a Grobag baby sleep bag to review by The Gro Company. Baby sleep bags have been made by The Gro Company since 2000 and today an astounding 95% of parents in the UK choose to use baby and toddler sleep bags for their little ones.

We received an all year round 2.5 tog sleep bag for toddlers aged 18 – 36 months old. With a 2.5 tog sleep bag it’s recommended that your baby’s nursery is between 16 to 20 degrees Celcius. The free nursery thermometer that comes with every Grobag has been helpful for keeping an eye on the temperature in Imogen’s nursery.

Grobag Review

Imogen is tall for her age so I was really impressed with the length of the sleep bag we received. It’s suitable for a child up to a maximum length of 98 cm. There is also a good width on the sleep bag which allows Imogen to move freely in the sleep bag during her sleep and when she’s awake in her cot bed.

Grobag Sleeping Bag Review

Imogen’s Grobag fastens at the front with a zip that has a thick cotton zip guard to ensure it never rubs on her skin. There’s a popper at the bottom of the Grobag to safely ‘lock’ the zip so a curious toddler can’t open their Grobag.

The design of Imogen’s Grobag is Treetop Tales. It’s a crisp white on the back of the sleep bag with colourful circles and friendly characters on the front including a giraffe, owl, snail and chick. It’s bright and cheerful with rich colours that will suit all nurseries.

Grobag Sleeping Bag Review

Some of the unique features I love about the Grobag baby sleep bag:

  • Imogen stays cosy and warm throughout the night so there’s no worrying about whether she’s too hot or cold
  • There are no covers or blankets to kick off which gives us peace of mind during the night
  • The Grobag opens easily for any night time nappy changes
  • 100% cotton fabric is used for the outer and lining of the Grobag
  • The Grobag allows Imogen to move freely during her sleep and when she’s awake and playing in her cot bed

Grobag Sleeping Bag Review

Grobag baby sleep bags have won many awards over the years and the Mother and Baby Awards 2011/12 Gold Award for Best Nursery Product.

Grobag sleep bags come in a range of sizes from 0 – 6 months up to 6 – 10 years. There’s also a range of three tog ratings so you can ensure your child is in the right Grobag for the particular season and temperature of the room.

You can find out more about Grobag baby sleep bags online at The Gro Store.

Grobag Sleeping Bag Review

A sleepy toddler ready for night time slumber in her Grobag sleep bag.

Grobag Sleeping Bag Review

Grobag baby sleep bags are recommended by FSID the Cot Death Charity and meet the British Safety Standard.

Disclaimer: I was sent a Grobag baby sleep bag for the purposes of this review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Baby Reins

| August 14, 2012

Baby reins are an essential buy when your baby is learning to walk, helping your baby feel secure and preventing falls. And once your baby is walking, baby reins allow your baby to roam freely yet you still retain control of how far they can go.

On the recommendation of a friend I purchased the Clippasafe Walking Harness and Reins as soon as Imogen started to stand.

These reins can be used short for helping your baby gain control when learning to walk. If your baby stumbles you can safely use the reins to stop them falling forwards.

The harness sits at the back below your baby’s shoulder blades, perfect for gently keeping them upright. This has been very useful on numerous occasions with Imogen!

Now Imogen is walking confidently the Clippasafe Walking Harness and Reins are a must when out and about in busy shopping malls, if we’re near water or close to roads. The reins keep Imogen close yet give her the freedom to explore and decide which direction she wishes to walk.

I highly recommend Clippasafe Walking Harness and Reins which are fully adjustable to suit your baby as they grow. At just under £6 you will find these one of the best purchases you can make for the safety of your baby.

Imogen learning to walk with Clippasafe Baby Reins

And sometimes holding onto Mummy’s trousers helps, especially when pointing!

Clippasafe Walking Harness and Reins are suitable for use when learning to walk to about 4 years. Machine washable.


Pintoy Wooden Toy Chest

| April 15, 2012

We love this Pintoy Wooden Toy Chest.

It’s the best you can buy if you’re looking for a safe, solid, stylish wooden toy chest that will suit any room in your house.

This wooden toy chesthas been designed to last the test of time, from babyhood to beyond.

You will have years and years of use from this solid wood toy chest.

It is so solid and sturdy in construction that this toy chest can even be used as a seat, once your child is tall enough.

This toy chest is generously large, measuring approximately 64 cm in length, 37 cm in height and 40 cm in depth.

You can easily store toys, puzzles, rattles, blankets and more in this chest.

The Pintoy Wooden Toy Chestis fitted with carry handles so you can pick up and move the box with ease.

There are safety closing hinges on the chest lid.

The Pintoy Wooden Toy Chesthas been designed with safety in mind so that little fingers can’t be trapped when your baby gets to the age when they will enjoy hours of opening and closing the chest lid, and putting their toys in and out of the chest.

Our baby loves discovering toys we have placed in this wooden toy chest, and hiding Mummy’s mobile phone!

Here you can find more beautiful and classic Pintoy Wooden Toys and Games.