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The Best Classical Baby Music

| January 18, 2012

One of the best classical baby music CDs is Classics for Babiesand we were fortunately given this double CD as a gift for our newborn. It has been played time and time again!

It delivers calm and soothing music that engages your baby. And the best thing about this music? It really works!

During those relentless early nights when baby was up we’d play the soothing music and she would be lulled back into sleep. It also worked on myself and my husband as parents, helping us to relax and enjoy the evening rather than feeling frazzled and fraught!

Our baby also loves listening to the music when in her baby bouncer whilst she kicks her feet and waves her arms.

Classics For Babies is designed to be used as part of your baby’s daily routine, helping to give your baby the best start in life by exposing them to classical music to aid brain development.

I highly recommend Classics for Babiesfor yourself as parents or as a gift for new parents who may need to claim back some of those many sleepless nights.

Salcura Baby Eczema Treatment

| January 16, 2012

Salcura DermaSpray Intensive Skin Nourishment

If you’re looking for a natural, gentle and highly effective treatment for baby eczema, I thoroughly recommend Salcura products.

The Salcura range helped to treat our baby’s eczema and her skin cleared up in a few weeks.

Eczema causes red, dry and itchy skin and can occur anywhere on the body. Eczema is very common in babies, with around 15 to 20 per cent of babies suffering from eczema at some point, usually occurring for the first time before they are 2 years old.

My baby developed eczema when she was 9 weeks old. I found it really distressing seeing the irritation and soreness it created. As a result of the discomfort and itching from the eczema our baby’s sleep was disrupted, which meant our sleep was disturbed as we woke to her crying and spent many hours soothing our baby.

Our GP recommended several brands of medicated creams, including steroid cream, which we tried in vain. They worked for about 5 days and then the eczema would flare up again and the creams we had used no longer helped to calm the irritation and red, dry skin.

I searched endlessly for a magical cure and came across the brand Salcura which is a natural treatment for eczema and dry, itchy skin.

I love the fact that Salcura products are natural as I don’t like to use chemicals on my baby’s delicate skin.

Having experienced eczema with my baby at a very young age Salcura was the one product that worked in clearing up her eczema and continuing to manage any flare-ups. It keeps my baby’s skin moisturised and soft.

Salcura DermaSpray Gentle Skin Nourishment Spray works wonders for soothing the redness and itchiness of the eczema on my baby’s delicate skin. It is safe to use on newborns and can be used up to 12 months of age. It contains no chemicals or steroids.

From 12 months of age the Salcura DermaSpray Intensive Skin Nourishment Spray can be used.

We use Salcura DermaSpray Intensive Skin Nourishment Spray in conjunction with Salcura Zeoderm Skin Repair Moisturiser which really helps to soothe and treat the dry skin, providing the best levels of moisture out of any of the other creams we’ve used. It’s wonderful for healing broken skin.

At bath time we use Salcura Bath Oil for babies by adding a few drops of oil into our baby’s bath water. It helps to moisturise the skin and no rinsing is required afterwards, as it creates a barrier over the skin helping to retain moisture.

As well as treating the eczema, we’ve found that keeping our baby in clothes that are 100% cotton and loose fitting help to make our baby more comfortable. And switching to the non bio Surcare sensitive skin laundry range for washing our clothes, has stopped any itchiness that was caused by harsh laundry detergents.

You can find more information on what can cause Baby Eczema and how to treat it at Babycentre.

What do you use to treat baby eczema?

Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor

| January 14, 2012

Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor

If you’re looking for the Best Baby Video Monitor it’s the Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor. This is one of the best buys we have made as parents for our peace of mind and the safety of our baby.

The Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor enables us to see and hear our baby at any stage during the day or night when our baby is in her cot.

This monitor is portable so you can use it in different rooms around the house, depending on where baby is sleeping and it can easily be taken on holiday. We recently went on holiday to Brittany in France and took this monitor with us. The Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor comes with a changeable European adaptor plug and it worked perfectly in Europe.

There’s an extra large 9 cm (3.5 inch) colour display with black and white night vision so your baby can be in an absolutely dark room and you’ll still be able to see your baby on the monitor.

The Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor has an easy to use touch screen display with menu controls that enable you to adjust the direction of the monitor’s camera so you can angle it to see your baby in different positions, without going into your baby’s room. We’ve found this really useful as our baby’s just started to wriggle around and turn over onto her side!

You can also zoom in to see your baby closer up, simply by using the touch screen on the parent unit. The Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor is a small, sleek and stylish monitor with a lightweight design.

It has a docking station for easy charging, the temperature in your baby’s room is displayed on the screen and a one-touch power saver video on / off button with a docking station for easy charging.

The Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor can be used without the video screen as it displays LED sound lights (green, orange and red) to alert you to noises from your baby, with the option of just viewing the lights or seeing the lights and having the sound on so you can hear your baby at the same time.

You won’t go wrong with the Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor it really is the best baby monitor you can buy, giving you the ability to watch over your baby when you’re in another room. And I get to sleep peacefully each night knowing I can hear and see my baby at anytime without disturbing her precious slumber.