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| March 3, 2013

We’ve had the most incredible and memorable time with Gran and Pa in New Zealand and enjoyed playtime in the park, picnics, eating ice cream, swimming in the pool, Wellington Botanical Garden, dressing up in fairy wings, days out in Wellington, splashing in the paddling pool, Birthday celebrations, walking in the bush, visits to Te Papa Museum, watering the garden and discovering wildlife, looking after Molly, eating outside, playing with Play Doh, seeing family and friends, playing in the garden, swimming in the sea, reading stories, paddling in rivers and days filled with fun, kisses and cuddles.

We returned home to London last night and Imogen is dearly missing her grandparents in New Zealand. Everyone we met on our journey home heard all about Gran and Pa, Imogen simply won’t stop talking about them. Daddy’s listening to stories of the adventures they had.

The distance between us makes it difficult to see one another regularly. As hard as it is being so far apart we have to look on the bright side and we’re already planning our next reunion.





We Have A Water Baby

| June 23, 2012

We went swimming for the first time today with Imogen… and she absolutely loved it!

I know a lot of parents who take their babies swimming from a very early age.

This is something I looked into, especially with the very popular Water Babies Classes.

I almost signed up for the classes, but with a young baby you just never know what’s going to be going on or how they’re going to be feeling on the day. Signing up to a term of 10 weeks with a set day and a set time each week to go swimming seemed a little too regimented for us.

So having decided to leave the big swimming pool experience until Imogen was older, we now know it was the best decision we made for our baby.

Imogen’s always loved bath time and has had plenty of time to get used to water, splashing about and having her hair wet.

She had such a happy and confident time kicking around and splashing in the pool with Mummy and Daddy.

It was no surprise that after 30 minutes she began to yawn and we decided it was time to call it a day!

There are plenty of pools in London for babies and children, many of these pools are heated. You can find out more about swimming pools for babies and children at Kids Fun London.

The Best Newborn Nappies

| January 7, 2012

Did you know the average baby goes through around 5000 nappies, that’s a lot of nappies!

After trial and error with several brands of nappies, I can thoroughly say the best newborn nappies are Huggies Newborn Nappieswhich are made from organic cotton.

We found Huggies Newborn Nappiesprovided the softest and most comfortable fit for our baby, as well as reducing the chance of leaks.

I used to buy my baby’s nappies from the supermarket, until I discovered you can buy Huggies Nappies from Amazonin bulk at a much reduced price and with free delivery.

Once my baby reached Size 4 nappies we moved into Huggies Super Dry Nappies.They’re superb for going the distance at night time and perfectly fit our very wriggly, almost crawling baby!

If you’re wanting to take your baby swimming Huggies Little Swimmersare the best nappies for use in water. Enjoy splish splash sploshing about without any worry!