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The Land of Sometimes

| November 27, 2012

Over the last few weeks we have been listening to the audio storybook The Land of Sometimes which we were kindly sent to review.

We’ve enjoyed the magical story of twins Alfie and Elsie who travel to ‘The Land Of Sometimes’ where four seasons pass within one day.

Alfie and Elsie travel through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and meet eccentric characters and listen to their original songs along the way.

Encountering characters such as the River Slouch Sling who wants to make friends, Little Twink a mischievous fairy, Mrs Blip who likes to make you slip, the Chameleon Catcher and the Willow Tree Choir Boy.

Each chapter of the story is interspersed with music relating to the storyline. My favourite songs are Dare Make A Wish and The Song About Holly And George who are two delightful kittens.

The Land of Sometimes covers many genres of music from reggae to disco, Irish folk, poetry and New Orleans jazz. It’s fun, upbeat and a great introduction for children to storytelling and music.

You can discover the characters and songs at The Land Of Sometimes where you can follow the map around the Island, download wallpaper for your computer, print out the characters for your children to colour in and purchase the album.