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Baby Sleep Aids

| August 24, 2012

A good night’s sleep is essential for the health of the whole family. You need a restful sleep to regenerate your mind and body. And a peaceful night’s sleep is crucial for the development of your baby.

Thankfully there are some incredible baby sleep aids that really work.

Top 3 Baby Sleep Aids

It has been found that babies will go to sleep more easily to the soothing sounds they heard when in utero. The comforting noises heard daily from their mother’s womb and her heartbeat are reassuring to a newborn.

Ewan the Dream Sheep is one of the most effective baby sleep aids.

Ewan the Dream Sheep replicates the soothing sounds of a pregnant mother’s womb and heartbeat. The sounds have been combined with household, musical and natural sounds at low bass frequencies of 125hz to produce pink noise which is the type of noise babies predominantly hear when in the womb.

Research has shown that babies are comforted by certain aspects of the womb. So a pink ambient glow is the natural choice for Ewan the Dream Sheep’s tummy.

easidream® Ewan the Dream Sheep

The Grobag Egg Thermometer and Night Light is a simple to use thermometer that changes colour according to the room temperature and acts as a warning if the room is too hot or cold.

It also provides baby with a soft and comforting glow at night.

The Grobag Egg Thermometer and Night Light uses a digital thermometer and permanent backlit LCD readout. It is conveniently mains powered so you don’t need to worry about batteries running out.

Grobag Egg Thermometer and Night Light

The Gro Anywhere Blackout Blindfits directly onto the window glass using suckers which gives it the closest fit possible to block out light.

Gro-Anywhere Blackout Blinds can be used vertically or horizontally and will fit most shaped windows.

Gro Anywhere Blackout Blindconveniently pack into a handy travel bag and are the ideal way to help children to sleep in unfamiliar surroundings when travelling or on holiday.

Each hem can be shortened for a proper fit and fitting takes just minutes. The Gro Anywhere Blackout Blinddimensions are 198cm x 130cm.

Gro-Anywhere Blackout Blind

The Best Mother and Baby Skin Care

| August 19, 2012

Don’t miss out, get incredible discounts on Mother and Baby Skin Care plus all your other favourite beauty brands at provide free delivery worldwide on any purchase.

I’ve hand picked the best Mother and Baby Skin Care ranges that use natural ingredients:

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Range

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Range

Boo Boo Mother & Baby Range

Boo Boo Mother & Baby Range

Green People Organic Baby Care

Green People Organic Baby Care

Mama Mio

Mama Mio Pregnancy Skin Care

Salcura Eczema Treatment Range

Salcura Eczema Treatment Range

Baby Reins

| August 14, 2012

Baby reins are an essential buy when your baby is learning to walk, helping your baby feel secure and preventing falls. And once your baby is walking, baby reins allow your baby to roam freely yet you still retain control of how far they can go.

On the recommendation of a friend I purchased the Clippasafe Walking Harness and Reins as soon as Imogen started to stand.

These reins can be used short for helping your baby gain control when learning to walk. If your baby stumbles you can safely use the reins to stop them falling forwards.

The harness sits at the back below your baby’s shoulder blades, perfect for gently keeping them upright. This has been very useful on numerous occasions with Imogen!

Now Imogen is walking confidently the Clippasafe Walking Harness and Reins are a must when out and about in busy shopping malls, if we’re near water or close to roads. The reins keep Imogen close yet give her the freedom to explore and decide which direction she wishes to walk.

I highly recommend Clippasafe Walking Harness and Reins which are fully adjustable to suit your baby as they grow. At just under £6 you will find these one of the best purchases you can make for the safety of your baby.

Imogen learning to walk with Clippasafe Baby Reins

And sometimes holding onto Mummy’s trousers helps, especially when pointing!

Clippasafe Walking Harness and Reins are suitable for use when learning to walk to about 4 years. Machine washable.