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Birthday Lunch

| November 25, 2013

Last week we celebrated Daddy’s Birthday and went out for a delicious lunch at Jamie’s Italian. Daddy and Imogen browsing the selection of Jamie’s kitchen products.


Imogen loved playing with the viewfinder!

jamie's italian

The food was fantastic and the environment was family friendly and relaxed.


Family Day Out at Rare Breeds Farm

| September 7, 2013

We had a great family day out at Rare Breeds Farm in Kent for Ilya’s 3rd Birthday celebration. Ilya is Imogen’s cousin and he is such a charming, gentle and fun little boy. Imogen was so excited to see him and they spent the day viewing the farm animals, enjoying a special Birthday party lunch, watching butterflies in the Butterfly Tunnel, playing in the playground and going for a ride in the tractor trailer seated on hay bales.


Imogen and Ilya adore one another and shared their delight of being on the farm. Holding hands they chattered and giggled as they ran around in the sunshine.

rare breeds farm

Mummy pig and her little piglets.

rare breeds farm kent

It was wonderful for Imogen to play with her cousin for an entire day!

rare breed farm kent

A very friendly rabbit in the petting area. There were also guinea pigs and chickens.


Ilya blows out the candles on his Birthday cake.

rare breeds farm

On the tyre swing in the park.


Ilya shows Imogen the farm tractor.

rare breeds farm

We all enjoyed the amazing playground at the farm.


Spinning on the colourful roundabout. I love the mirroring of their hands on their knees!


We had a super day at Rare Breeds Farm. A big thank you to Kristina and family for organising such a special day for everyone.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Natural History Museum

| March 18, 2013

We went to the Natural History Museum last week in South Kensington, London. Hubby and I thought it would be a fun day out for us all on Imogen’s 2nd Birthday and the museum certainly didn’t disappoint a two year old who loves animals!

We highly recommend the Museum as an educational and fun family day out in London.

Imogen had her first journey on the London Underground Tube from Tower Hill to South Kensington. As a city girl born and bred she climbed into her seat and waited to go.

London Underground Tube

Imogen loved showing Mummy and Daddy the animals in the museum. There was plenty of finger pointing as Imogen went around and highlighted the incredible animals she saw.

Natural History Museum

The Dinosaur exhibition was very exciting with several moving replicas of dinosaurs including a T.rex. After closing her eyes initially when she saw the T.rex she then warmed to it when we named it ‘Mummy Dinosaur’ and she asked to see it again!

Natural History Museum


The amazing display of large Mammals includes a Blue Whale, the largest creature ever.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Inside the Creepy Crawlies exhibition we found spiders, beetles, crabs, butterflies, scorpions and many other species. And there were some extra big specimens!

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum building is a work of art with stunning architecture inside and out. The building was completed in 1880 and the museum first opened in 1881. The Museum is open every day from 10am but is closed from 24 to 26 December.

Natural History Museum