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Healthy Eating for Families

| February 7, 2012

As a Nutritional Advisor I’m passionate about healthy eating, nutrition, organic produce and getting back to nature.

Food should be fun, natural and fresh. Healthy eating ensures you get all the right nutrients from your food to provide you with the best possible health and wellbeing.

Riverford is my favourite choice for fresh, organic produce. There’s a fantastic selection of organic produce including veg, fruit, meat, cheese, bread, dairy and more. There’s free delivery on all of Riverford’s fruit, veg and meat box orders. Riverford grow their own and deliver only the best fresh organic produce across the UK.

My baby is in the process of weaning and we’re having great fun experimenting with fruit and veg. It’s hugely entertaining watching the expressions she makes as she tries something new, or if my latest recipe doesn’t taste quite as she expected! One of the great joys of being a parent is helping my baby learn about good nutrition, healthy eating and living well.

Riverford Organics have just launched their brand new iPhone app, with over 770 searchable recipes – inspired by their Field Kitchen restaurant and the recipes they write for their organic vegboxes. Check it out Riverford iPhone App.

Riverford are currently giving away a free copy of their bestselling book Riverford Farm Cook Book RRP £16.99 when you order one of their brilliant veg boxes.

The Riverfood Farm Cook Book is full of original recipes and is a wonderful companion to your veg box, providing delicious recipes to bring out the best in your veg box.

Don’t Forget Your Valentine

| January 31, 2012

In the whirlwind existence in which we live, it makes it even more vital to remember your partner and how far you’ve come together as parents. Having a baby can put pressure on your relationship with the combination of little sleep and limited time alone as a couple.

Valentine’s Day is a reminder for me to remember my partner and to celebrate our relationship and how well we’ve done as first-time parents, muddling through it together!

Here are some ideas for surprising your loved one on 14th February

Bunches.co.uk offer amazing value flowers from £11.99 including FREE UK delivery and FREE chocolates with all orders! How about stunning red roses or beautiful red tulips from their Valentine’s Day selection?

Thorntons make the most delicious chocolates! I highly recommend the Continental Box of milk, white and dark chocolates (and it’s double layered for sharing – if you feel the need)!

Time Saving Tip

| January 26, 2012

It can take absolutely ages to transfer photographs and videos from your camera to your computer. Time that quite frankly, as a parent, we just don’t have enough of!

To quickly and easily transfer hundreds of photos from my camera to my computer I use the Integral USB External Memory Card Readerand simply put my camera’s memory card into the USB Card Readerand plug it into a USB port on my computer.

It then transfers all photos and videos in a few seconds, directly to my computer. It’s so much faster than transferring them from my camera to my computer and it saves me precious time, so I can get on with something else!

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