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Home in London with Daddy

| March 9, 2013

We were barely off the plane from New Zealand before Imogen was asking to go to the park to play on the swings and slide. As soon as the sun was up and we’d eaten our porridge we went out to our local park in London.

Imogen ran to the park with such enthusiasm, her little legs moving so fast. She wanted to show Daddy how she could climb the ladder to the slide after having plenty of practice playing in parks with her grandparents in New Zealand.

Seeing Imogen and her Daddy back together after eight weeks was incredible, they’d both missed one another so much. Between cuddles and play Imogen and Daddy are constantly chatting away about the adventures she had on holiday.

After lots of fresh air, sunshine and play it was time for a banana and drink before heading to Canary Wharf for a sandwich. We were lucky to have such beautiful weather and made the most of being outdoors.

canary wharf

Imogen was tired out after playing and had a nap soon after lunch so hubby and I enjoyed a leisurely walk along the River Thames before going home.

river thames

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London in Autumn

| November 6, 2012

London is stunning in autumn with the leaves changing colour and a brilliant blue sky.

Imogen has enjoyed finding conkers, splashing in puddles and collecting different coloured leaves. Squirrel spotting is also an essential part of our daily walk in the park.

I’ve found the cooler weather has called for heartier foods and this week we’ve been enjoying Leek and Potato Soup and Pastry Free Vegetable Quiche.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves in our local park

Out and about with blue skies and fresh air

Imogen resting after an afternoon in the park playing with leaves and jumping in puddles

What do you love about autumn?