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Holiday in Orford

| October 13, 2013

In July 2012 we went to our favourite holiday destination in the UK, Orford in Suffolk.


Imogen was 16 months old and enjoyed playing in the garden. Her love of nature is nurtured daily as we continue to explore the great outdoors.


Her beautiful expressions have not changed and I love looking back on these photographs. What precious memories we have of our daughter as a baby.


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The Photo Gallery: Happy

| April 10, 2013

This week’s Photo Gallery theme from Tara Cain’s blog Sticky Fingers is Happy. I always treasure the little things in life, it’s these day to day joys that make me so happy.

Imogen proudly sitting at the top of the slide.

A lazy Sunday afternoon nap with my beautiful little girl asleep beside me.

A mug of organic green tea.

Sharing a bowl of freshly cooked popcorn with my family while we watch Mary Poppins.

Having fun at lunch with Imogen and hubby.

the photo gallery

Holiday Memories from France

| October 20, 2012

Winter’s approaching so I’ve found some photos to share with plenty of sunshine. Just looking back over these photographs evokes happy memories of sunny days.

In May this year we spent a week’s holiday in Brittany, France. It’s one of our favourite holiday destinations.

What do I love about Brittany? The slower pace of life, the friendly people, the stunning scenery, the local markets, French wine and the focus that’s placed on the importance of family.

Here are some of the amazing memories we have of Brittany’s beautiful environment and the fun we had together as a family.

Daily walks along the Nantes-Brest Canal

Brittany’s North Coast

People surfing the waves and horse riding along the beach

Contrasting colours

Regarde le ciel