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Dressing Up in Fairy Wings

| January 29, 2013

I simply couldn’t resist these fairy wings when I saw them. As soon as Imogen spied them it was love at first sight and she was dressing up in fairy wings with her purple wellies.

Toddlers and children have great fun dressing up and role playing. It encourages children to use their imaginations, develop vocabulary skills and build confidence.

Often your children have the most fun dressing up when they’re making use of clothes and items you already have in your home. Check your wardrobe and cupboards for:

  • towels and sheets (these make great capes)
  • a plastic colander (can become a helmet)
  • belts
  • scarves
  • shawls
  • gloves of all lengths
  • old bags
  • aprons
  • tutus
  • dance costumes
  • hats
  • glasses with the lenses removed
  • costume jewellery (make sure it’s safe for the age of your child)

There’s no end to what your toddler or child can dress up in and pretend to be so update and add new items to your child’s dressing up box as often as you like.

If you’re looking for fairy wings for your toddler to play dress up in there’s a beautiful set including a Tutu, Butterfly Wings and a Wand at John Lewis.

Fairy Wings

Fairy Wings

What does your toddler enjoy dressing up in?

Joules Baby Clothes

| August 9, 2012

For bright, unique baby clothes you’ll find a great selection in the Joules baby clothing range.

The Joules Baby Girl Clothing range mixes a blend of stripes and patterns to create colourful combinations. Choose from pretty dresses, all-in-ones, cardigans, hats and bibs, fleece tops, t-shirts, trousers and other clothing essentials.

In true Joules style their Baby Boy Clothing range feature images of tractors and farm animals with bright bold colours and patterns. Baby boy trousers sets, all-in-ones, jeans, hats and bibs, fleece tops and wellies will keep your little one warm and cosy.

There’s also a wonderful Joules Nursery Collection in their Home and Garden section with baby sleeping bags, toys and cuddlers, moses baskets, blankets and bedding.

Baby Girls Hayley Dress

Baby Boys Tompkins Sweatshirt

Joules Nursery Collection

Baby Wellies

| July 10, 2012

We’re relishing the rain and playing stomp stomp stomp in all the puddles with Imogen!

The bigger the puddle, the bigger the splash, the better the game.

Imogen’s shoes and socks were getting soaked with her new found love of puddle splashing.

It was time to find a pair of baby wellies! Oh my, they’re so cute!

We’re on holiday in Suffolk at the moment and found a Joules clothing store in Aldeburgh.

The wellies were disappearing fast, with children running around the shop in their new footwear.

There was one pair of baby wellies left in Imogen’s size, but they were baby boy wellies.

It’s good we’re not fussy parents, practicalities such a dry feet come first!

You wouldn’t know they were boy baby wellies.

Colours of blue, teal and white with pictures of circus elephants, monkeys, clowns and seals adorn the boots. There’s a bright yellow stripe down the back of the boot and a reflective top, perfect for safe playing in the puddles when it’s grey outside.

And it’s just started raining, more fresh puddles for this afternoon…