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The Best Gina Ford Baby Book

| January 13, 2012

Here’s what I consider to be the best Gina Ford book The Contented Baby’s First Year as it doesn’t delve into routines!

It’s a really great book for understanding the mental and physical development of your baby during their first year.

Each chapter covers a month in your baby’s first year.

It clearly explains in text and photographs the development stages your baby will go through and how you can interact and encourage your baby through play.

Wonderful reading for new parents.

That’s Not My Puppy…

| January 12, 2012

That’s Not My Puppy…is a perfect book for young babies, helping to develop their sensory skills with different texture patches to touch throughout the hard board pages of the book.

The story is wonderful and the pictures are bright and enchanting.

We also have the books That’s Not My Angel…(perfect for Christmas) and That’s Not My Monkey…

There’s a whole range of exciting, colourful and textured books in the That’s Not My… Book Series by Fiona Watts.

Newborn Book

| January 11, 2012

Faces Baby’s First Bookis a truly wonderful newborn book.

I love the picture of the baby with the spiral of hair, our baby looked very similar in the early days!

This book was attached to our baby’s Moses Basket so she could reach to touch and feel it.

It has lovely soft, crackly pages and a mirror on the front for pulling faces in!

Now she’s a little older it’s become one of her favourite toys and she still plays with it in her cot every day.

There are some incredible books for babies. Discover the Importance of Reading to Baby and some delightful books for your baby to read in the bath, at bedtime and during play.