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| November 4, 2012

I started weaning Imogen when she was almost 6 months old. We experimented with different foods and textures which made weaning really enjoyable and a good way to introduce Imogen to new flavours.

Each day I’d give Imogen a teaspoon or two of pureed organic carrots or pureed organic pears which are very gentle on a baby’s tummy. I always try to use organic produce for the benefit of my family’s health.

Imogen eating pureed organic butternut squash and carrots

Imogen has the East Coast Multi Height Highchair and I highly recommend it. It’s made of solid wood and grows with your child, becoming a chair which is suitable for use for children up to the age of 10 years old. When I introduced baby led weaning it was great to use the tray table as a large plate to lay out the assortment of foods for Imogen to try.

Some of my favourite no-cook baby foods are mashed banana and mashed avocado. Banana’s are easy to digest, sweet to taste and provide slow release sugars for sustained energy. Avocados are full of nutrients and help to boost the immune system as they contain the antioxidant vitamin E.

You can read more about our experiences with weaning:

I’m Loving myWaitrose

| November 3, 2012

myWaitrose Free Tea or Coffee

I was sent a myWaitrose card a month ago with a brochure detailing the benefits of being a member.

My purse is full of cards and I could barely fit this one in.

I considered putting it aside since my credit card takes priority over a supermarket card. But after reading the benefits of myWaitrose I decided it was worth keeping and slid it next to my Boots Advantage Card.

One of the key benefits of using myWaitrose card is each month I’m entered into a draw to win back that month’s shopping, whether I bought it online or at the supermarket. Something I’d be grateful of with a family.

Yesterday I received a letter from myWaitrose detailing some of their new exclusive benefits.

I get a Free Tea or Coffee everyday to have in the cafe or to takeaway, no purchase necessary.

It’s not everyday you get something for nothing so I’m loving myWaitrose.

This is the perfect win win situation. I get a caffeine fix every time I visit the supermarket and Waitrose have a mother buzzing on caffeine whilst browsing the supermarket aisles, wide awake and forgetful of her state of severe sleep deprivation.

Have you become a myWaitrose member yet?

Baby Art

| November 2, 2012

Baby art is great fun and a wonderful way for your baby to express their imagination and creativity. Imogen started playing with crayons and paper at 10 months old and from around 12 months of age drawing has become part of her every day play.

Here are a couple of my favourite drawings by Imogen at 18 months. Imogen said she was drawing Mama, Dada, Roooar (Lion), Mi Mi (one of our cats), Moon and Bear.

This drawing looks like hearts and roses, especially with the red and pink colours Imogen’s chosen.

Baby art is simple and fun.

We use:

  • 24 Crayola brightly coloured and easy to hold crayons (as of yesterday we’re down one as it ended up as a melted block in our tumble dryer)! Crayola Beginnings Jumbo Crayons
  • Crayola jumbo pencils, they’re easy for a baby to hold and smooth to draw with on paper, requiring less pressure than some crayons Crayola Beginnings Jumbo Pencils

If you’re looking for wonderful arts and crafts ideas for slightly older children head over to Red Ted Art where there’s plenty of great crafty activities to choose from.