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Best Manual Breast Pump

| March 5, 2012

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump with Calma Teat

I found the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump with Calma Teat perfect for those times when I couldn’t breastfeed and needed to express.

The Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump with Calma Teat is BPA free, lightweight and portable for when you’re out and about or travelling.

It uses a 2-phase expression technology that is alike to a baby when breastfeeding which mimics the natural sucking rhythm of the baby with short, stimulating movements followed by longer, more intensive ones to ensure an optimal milkflow.

This gives you faster let-down and maximum milkflow which significantly reduces pumping time, so you can express more milk in less time and more comfortably.

The Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump with Calma Teat is the best manual breast pump you can buy.

If you’re looking for a breast pump that’s ideal for occasional or frequent use the Medela Swing Breast Pump with Calma Teat makes expressing quick, easy and suitable for everyday.

The Medela Harmony Breast Pump won the Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Gold Award for Best Manual Breast Pump 2011 / 2012.

The Moby Wrap

| February 15, 2012

Have you heard of the fourth trimester? I hadn’t but I soon found out about it when my baby was born!

The fourth trimester refers to the time from birth to approximately 4 months old. This is the time when your newborn is very vulnerable and needs constant physical contact and attention from other human beings. The fourth trimester is about recreating the womb environment whilst your baby is adjusting from womb to world.

Here are some tips for doing this:

  • Swaddling – helps to keep baby close to you and feeling secure,
    the Moby Wrapcreates an environment where your baby is wrapped tightly and kept warm.
  • Shushing Sounds – recreate the continual whooshing-like noise your baby heard constantly when in the womb.
  • Swinging – when in utero your baby was always in a rocking motion when you moved or walked, wrapped in a Moby Wrapyour baby will be in a state of gentle swinging.
  • Sucking – creates a deep calming influence on your baby, whether it’s sucking on the breast, bottle, a Pacifieror your finger.

When held close they will be very content, thus the need for a Moby Wrapwhich makes it ever so easy to achieve that closeness and bonding that your baby is craving.

My baby would get upset and didn’t sleep well unless she was snuggled next to me or my husband in the Moby Wrap. It’s really comfortable to wear and I found I could go about the house easily whilst she slept happily, as well as using it during spring and summer to go out and about.

Another benefit of the Moby Wrapis the flexibility with the positions you can have your baby in whilst in the wrap, making it easy to breastfeed on demand.

The Moby Wrap is made from 100% soft cotton and is breathable and machine washable.

Help With Breastfeeding

| February 1, 2012

Breastfeeding isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it if you are able to. In the beginning it takes perseverance, practice and the knowledge of how to breastfeed to get it right. But even then, it doesn’t always go to plan.

I found invaluable support from fellow breastfeeding mothers, midwives and La Leche League.

If you want help with breastfeeding contact La Leche League.

La Leche League can offer help if:

  • You are expecting a baby and want to know more about breastfeeding
  • You are already breastfeeding and want help with challenges
  • You need information on starting solids or weaning
  • You want to meet other breastfeeding mums to share support and experiences
  • You are interested in reading more about breastfeeding, birth and parenting
  • You are a health professional interested in learning more about breastfeeding
  • You want to find out about peer counselling programmes
  • You want to help other breastfeeding mothers

Find out more and get support from your local branch of La Leche League.