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First Baby Book

| February 6, 2012

Newborn babies soon start to take an interest in things outside the sphere of Mummy and Daddy.

My baby loved to gaze at the Tiny Love Double Sided First Book with it’s vivid black and white pictures.

This is one of the best newborn toys. Our baby has played with this since she was a newborn and she still loves reading and playing with this toy now that she is 10 months old.

From age 3 months the reverse coloured side, with 3D illustrations and activities, keeps younger babies entertained with bright colours and crackly textured animals.

This book can conveniently be tied to your baby’s cot with the red ribbons attached to it.

Now my baby can sit up unaided she plays with this fold-out book on the floor, enjoying flipping it over and folding it up.

This first baby book will last months and months and provide hours of entertainment and play!

Newborn Book

| January 11, 2012

Faces Baby’s First Bookis a truly wonderful newborn book.

I love the picture of the baby with the spiral of hair, our baby looked very similar in the early days!

This book was attached to our baby’s Moses Basket so she could reach to touch and feel it.

It has lovely soft, crackly pages and a mirror on the front for pulling faces in!

Now she’s a little older it’s become one of her favourite toys and she still plays with it in her cot every day.

There are some incredible books for babies. Discover the Importance of Reading to Baby and some delightful books for your baby to read in the bath, at bedtime and during play.

Get Ready, Get Set… What Are THE Baby Essentials

| December 8, 2011

Throughout the ensuing 42 weeks of pregnancy (yes, my baby girl was 2 weeks late!) I couldn’t concentrate on anything but the thought of looking after my precious little baby.

And what exactly would I need in order to do this effectively?

Oh boy, there was much to think about!

What are the Baby Essentials you really need?

  • Nursery Decorations
  • Baby Bath
  • Changing Mat
  • Rattles

…believe me, the list goes on and on and on and on!