Big Questions From Little People

| October 10, 2012

Big Questions from Little People

Little People ask some very Big Questions!

Here’s a wonderful new book, in aid of the NSPCC. For each book sold a minimum of 67% of net royalty income is donated to the NSPCC.

It’s a delightful compilation of over 100 Big Questions from children aged 5 to 12 years old with answers to these challenging questions by some very Big People. Brilliant!

Compiled by Gemma Elwin Harris this excellent book provides answers to some of life’s big questions.

The answers come from renowned experts such as Sir David Attenborough, Bear Grylls, Dr Richard Dawkins, Kate Humble and Dame Jacqueline Wilson to name a few.

Every parent should have a copy of this book.

These questions are going to pop up and if you didn’t already know the answer to your child’s inquisitive question, you now can!

Every answer to every question is written simply and concisely, making it a joy to explain to your children.

Some of my favourite Big Questions from the book –

  • Can a bee sting a bee?
  • How are dreams made?
  • Why is the sky blue?
  • Why is the sea salty?
  • How do you fall in love?

Big Questions Infographic

Created by Faber and Faber for the book Big Questions From Little People. INFOGRAPHIC: What Big Questions are on Your Child’s Mind?

Big Questions From Little People can be purchased online from Amazonand you can find out more about this book published by Faber at Big Questions From Little People.

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